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This IALA web portal is intended to host information regarding e-navigation, in particular information on test beds, portrayal examples, demonstration software and IALA conferences on the topic.


General information relating to test beds

The IALA guideline for test beds is here.

e-Navigation Underway - International 2015

Copenhagen - Oslo - Copenhagen
January 27-29 2015

Conference has successuly ended!

Conference report and presentations will be uploaded to the conference page here.

Session in progress during e-nav underway I 2014

E-Navigation Underway - International 2014

Thanks to all participants for make another E-Navigation Underway Successfull. 

Presentation slides and videos are available here.



E-Navigation Underway  - North America 2014

Presentation slides and videos are available here.


e-Navigation FAQ's



Test Beds

We invite all owners of test beds and Portrayel examples to join us in creating the portal. IF you have a project you wish to add please contact us at dnc@dma.dk and we will setup your own page where you can add and manage your test bed. 
By collaborating we believe we can create the most extensive webpage on the subject of e-navigation.

Contact us at dnc@dma.dk with your test bed.


Important Links

Norwegian Costal Administrations e-Navigation web page: link
Contains links to the most important e-Navigation documents and other relevant information




















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